Casey Neistat Net Worth in 2021, His Income, Car, Houses, and Biography

Casey Neistat net worth
Full name:Casey Owen Neistat
Total Net Worth:$16 Million
Profession:YouTuber & Vlogger
Age, Height, and Weight:39 years, 5 Ft 11 In, 78 KG
Source of Income:YouTube
Education:High School Dropout
Marital Status & Children:Married to Candice Pool, one baby Girl
Birth Place:Gales Ferry, Connecticut

Life And Complete Story of Rising Popularity For Casey Neistat

Social Media platforms of today have given birth to endless possibilities. The digital age has seen the rise in a new race of social networking websites and apps. These social networking apps and websites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and many other websites have helped people and businesses to increase their worth and get popular.

Many celebrities, businesses, and general audiences have gained immense popularity and net worth by the use of these platforms and increase their net worth. If we talk about celebrities who have made a fortune using these social media platforms include known celebrities like Tai Lopez, Pew De Pie, Logan Paul, and many others. One such individual who has started using social media to be the platform and top-earning is Casey Neistat. Let’s find out more about Casey Neistat Life, Casey Neistat Success Story, and Casey Neistat Net Worth.

Introduction To Complete Casey Neistat Biography:

The prominent identity and Casey Neistat’s career is known to the world as a YouTuber and Vlogger. He is also known to have a career as a writer, director, and business personality, Vlogger, filmmaker and much more. Due to a successful Casey Neistat’s career, he was able to get an immense amount of fame in a short time.

Casey Neistat Net Worth in 2021 is $16 million. Apart from being a high earning YouTube sensation, He is well known for his role in the series that aired on HBO named as “The Neistat Brothers”.

Casey Neistat has made numerous videos, clips, vlogs and many advertisements as a director and he is also a philanthropist and an actor as well, Basically the guy is Multi talented. Casey’s career has been quite a success when it comes to being part of the business community as well. He was the co-founder of Beme, which was a multimedia application.

Regarding is personality Casey’s Height is, 5 Ft 11 In. He weighs in around 72 kgs and is featured on many platforms including magazines that feature models and successful people.

Casey Neistat has a huge fan following on social media where he makes different posts and clips on different topics and gets some amazing likes, shares, retweets, and subscriptions that contribute towards uptrend and popularity amidst his fans and people who follow him on different social media platforms.

Early Life Of Casey Neistat And Some Facts About Him:

Casey Neistat the famous YouTuber, Vlogger, filmmaker, and social media sensation was born in the year 1981 on the 25th of March. Cassie Neistat’s early Life started in Connecticut’s family where he was born to Casey Neistat’s parents named Amy and Barry Neistat. The Casey Neistat family consisted of his siblings named Van Neistat, Jordan Neistat and Dean Neistat.

From his childhood that started off in Gales Ferry, Connecticut, he got dropped out of high school and was not able to continue his education ever or get a graduate’s degree. He was 17 years old when he left high school and eventually left his family as well. When he was 17, he was already father to a son whose name is Owen from one of Casey Neistat’s girlfriends named Robin Harris. During this time, he was living in a trailer with Harris and his son and worked as a dishwasher at a seafood restaurant. He also worked as a short-order cook during his life in Connecticut.

Even at that age, he had that flare and interest in film making. The circumstances were not in his favor until he was of the age of 20. He was living on welfare until he decided to move and live in New York and find a better opportunity in the Jungle of Concrete and Steel. In New York City, he found residence after a few blocks away from where the World Trade Center was. This was a place in New York’s neighborhood called Tribeca. He was able to witness the 9/11 attacks that happened in the year 2001.

According to him, it was the scariest day of his life, and this is also mentioned in one of his vlogs on YouTube. The media tenant named Condé Nast, later on, got him aboard as a temporary model at the headquarters in the new One World Trade Center. Moving further in his life, he is also worked as a bike messenger until he got his life on track and started making videos and movie clips. This was something that he always wanted to do. The struggle and pursuit of passion that was part of Casey Neistat’s early life struggle favored him today and made him a celebrity and one of the most successful people in the world.

Casey Neistat Net Worth, Income Sources And Life Style:

Casey Neistat is known to have an immense Casey Net Worth in the year 2021 that is valued at somewhere around $16 million. Casey Neistat Net Worth has increased. This was after he uploaded one of the best and most successful YouTube videos that were titled “iPod’s Dirty Secret”. The video got him great attention in the world of entertainment and social media.

The video has millions of views and was picked by sources that include BBC, The Washington Post. The video went viral and to the sky-high views that Apple had to introduce a Battery Replacement Program. Apart from his YouTube career Casey Neistat is known to have been successful at public speaking as well. He was awarded many prestigious awards that include the “John Cassavetes Award” and “Streamy Awards” for the Best First Person Series and Best Editing for the year 2016. Casey Neistat is known to have appeared on different Casey Neistat interviews that aired TV and other platforms he provided the secret to his success as a YouTuber.

He advises the young generation about the importance of staying creative, real and authentic and get success in the world that is connected and has opportunities for people to express themselves. He also concludes that success is something that can be earned even without proper academic education. The major source of income that makes up Casey Neistat’s Net Worth is through his YouTube channel. Casey Neistat YouTube earnings per year are estimated to get around $1,268,000 – $2,000,000 on an average from his Youtube channel. So Casey Neistat who started off with nothing and was living on welfare is now an individual with Net Worth that is measured in millions of dollars.

He has numerous houses, cars, wealth and much more added to this property. He sold his multimedia application called Beme to CNN for a hefty sum of more than $25 million. The app was shut down on CNN which made to the headlines across the world due to the strategies of the Beme Management at CNN. Apart from this, he is known to have made quite a number of films and commercials as well. His success for the Casey Neistat and film +, the Music industry is commendable.

He got his first break in 2001 with his entry into the industry alongside Van Neistat. Casey Neistat’s Net Worth also includes a yearly salary that is estimated at around $3 million. Apart from that, he has worked on different commercials as well. This included his work with renowned brands that including Google, Nike and Mercedes- Benz. His work experience in the field of advertising includes a list of high rolling brands.

  • Casey Neistat spends a large sum of his wealth on traveling, cameras, and accessories which costs more than $2.5 thousand. Recently he has purchased a Sony camera that he also shared on his social media account.
  • Apart from that, he has several properties around the world including a condominium in Battery Park in Manhattan, New York as of the year 2017. The condominium has an area of more than 2,090 sq. ft. There are three bedrooms, more than three bathrooms and a lovely view of the river.
  • Other than that, he has a collection of Casey Neistat’s cars that include a range of luxury cars. His car collection consists of a number of Mercedes Benz, Ford, and Bentley vehicles that are valued at around $1 million dollars.

He was named as one of the most influential YouTube personalities in the world. Casey Neistat worked with Nike where he gave an appearance on the video that was titled “Make it Count”. The video was directed by himself and became a sensation when he posted that on YouTube. The video became “The Best Branding Story Ever Told” by Zoe Fox of Mashable.

Casey Neistat is involved in a lot of philanthropic endeavors as well. Recently Casey Neistat and many other celebrities raised more than an amount that was in millions within a day for the famine and starvation victims in Somalia. Also, he partnered with an organization called Go FundME to raise money and support the victims of and families of the deceased at the shooting that took place in Las Vegas.

In 2016, he also coupled up with a nonprofit organization that strived to provide clean and drinkable water to the developing countries. The charity campaign turned out to be a success and within 24 hours managed to more than $14,000 when the target was to get around the target amount of $5,000. Casey Neistat’s personal life is so far away from any kind of life or career-related sensational controversies. He lives an amazing and crazy personal life with his wife Candice Pool. Before that when he was in his teens he was in a relationship with Robin Harris and had a son named Owen.

In the year 2005, he eloped with Candice and came to Houston, Texas, where they both got married. The marriage was annulled and ended only after a month. In the year 2013, they got engaged again and got married in Cape Town, South Africa, in the same year in December and hence, she became Casey Neistat’s wife.

The marriage resulted in the birth of Casey’s daughter Francine whom he nicknamed Frankie. According to a magazine, when Francine was born, the couple recorded the whole event and uploaded that to YouTube. Candice had her emergency, and Casey was out of town. He flew all the way from San Francisco to Houston and Frankie was born four hours after Casey arrived at the hospital where Candice was.

Casey Neistat Career And Achievements:

Casey Neistat’s age at the start of their career was around 20 years old and he got fame in a short time. He started off in the year 2010 with his YouTube account and has more than 2,141832600 views on his videos and more than 9,255,600 Subscribers today. He also has more than 1.5 million followers on Twitter, more than 925,500 followers on Facebook and around 3 million followers on Instagram. He also appeared in a number of movies namely “Nerve” and “Daddy Longlegs” as an actor and in a number of shows for which he achieved nominations and awards. Some of them are as under:

  • Casey Neistat was awarded The Film Independent Spirit in the year 2011 for Go Get Some Rosemary. (2009)
  • He was always awarded the Independent Spirit Award for the John Cassavetes Award.
  • In 2016, he won the Streamy Awards for the categories Best First-Person Series and Best Editing for Casey Neistat Vlog. (2015)
  • Also in 2016’s Streamy Awards, he was given the award for Entertainer of the year and the GQ Man Of The Year 2016
  • In 2016, He was awarded for the YouTuber of the Year category at the Shorty Awards.
  • He Won 2017 for the category Best Cinematography of the Casey Neistat Vlog (2015).

During his career, Casey Neistat had many tragedies. He had to live in a trailer park and had no home to live with his wife and baby. He told his story on many of Casey Neistat’s presentations and interviews in 2017. He shared his principles with the youth and people who have setbacks in life and are told that they “Can’t Do”.

Also, he has taken into account genuine issues in society. He provides a series of methods and Casey Neistat quotes to stay productive and make the most of one’s life. Some of the quotes and success tips which are Casey Neistat best success tips of all time are cited as under:

  • Without a goal, you can’t score.
  • Truth is so much more interesting than the fiction we’re used to.
  • Someday I won’t be able to do this. The right time is now.
  • You either act on ideas or set them free. You don’t dwell on ideas.

He considers free time to be the enemy of Progress. He has a very positive and productive approach to live a happy and successful life. He urges people to live a life without caring about the risks it has within as it is a part of life. This and a lot more can be seen in many Casey Neistat on TV for advising moments that can be found on YouTube and other podcasts. Even in his videos, he discusses all the genuine issues of the society and the world around us.


What Was Casey Neistat Net Worth 2016?

According to sources, Casey Neistat’s Net Worth in 2016 was somewhere around $1.5 million. Casey Neistat is known as a famous American celebrity. He is popular as a highly followed YouTube personality, a vlogger, and a filmmaker. He also has the distinction to be the co-founder of a multimedia company named Beme.

What Was Casey Neistat Net Worth 2017, 2018, 2019?

Casey Neistat’s Net Worth in 2017 got around $12 million. The career of Casey Neistat dates back when in the year 2003, he made and posted a 3-minute video known as “iPod’s Dirty Secret”. The video became popular and made him have the Casey Neistat of today and Casey Neistat as YouTuber, film producer, vlogger popularity.

Casey Neistat’s Net Worth in 2018 was around $13 million USD.

Casey Neistat’s Net Worth in 2019 was $14.33 million USD.

What Were Casey Neistat Achievements In 2017?

Apart from the sky-high Net Worth of Casey Neistat in the year 2017, Casey Neistat got nominated and won the Streamy Awards for the year 2017. He won in the categories of Cinematography and got nominated for the categories Creator of the Year, First Person, Editing for the year 2017.

Who Is Casey Neistat Wife/Girlfriend?

As of the sources and reports of the year 2017, Casey Neistat is married to Candice Pool. Casey Neistat and Candice eloped in the year 2005 and got married after some time. The marriage became annulled after a month. The couple got engaged in 2013 and got married in the same year in December. Casey and Candice were blessed with a baby girl in the year 2014 and was named Francine.

Who Is Casey Neistat Father? Mother? Siblings?

Casey Neistat was born in the year 1981 in Gales Ferry, Connecticut. Casey Neistat’s parents were Barry Neistat, and his mother was Amy Neistat. He had 3 brothers as his siblings named Van Neistat, Dean Neistat, and Jordan Neistat. Casey Neistat followed the Jewish faith and has an immense. Today he is famous for his YouTube career and Net Worth.

What Is Casey Neistat Weight?

Casey Neistat weight is around 72 kg that is equivalent to somewhere around 170 lbs. Casey is an American YouTube sensation, a filmmaker, a vlogger and co-founder of Beme which was a company that doesn’t work anymore.

Where Casey Neistat Was Born?

Casey Neistat, who is famous for his vlogs, YouTube videos, short films, and filmmaking. The place where Casey Neistat was born is in Gales Ferry, Connecticut. He belongs to the Jewish faith and is also famous for being Candice Pool’s husband.

Where Casey Neistat Lives Now?

Casey Neistat lived in Tribeca that is located in Manhattan in New York City. He is known to have bought a property in 2017 for a sum of more than $3 million in Battery Park. Casey Neistat became a YouTube sensation that got him more popularity and one of the top-earning source of Casey Neistat.

What Is The Education Of Casey Neistat? His School, College, University?

There is no elaborated information on the education of Casey Neistat. He dropped out of high school at the age of 15 years old. After that, he never returned to school or to get any further education. For his career, he emerged as a YouTube sensation and entrepreneur. He is famous for his YouTube vlogs and his career for which he struggled so much.

What Would Be Casey Neistat Net Worth 2021?

Casey Neistat’s Net Worth currently is valued more than $13 million. He has a huge fan base on YouTube and is known to have become a firm YouTube with his popular films and videos that caught public attention. His Net Worth in the year 2021 is forecasted to increase to around 20 percent more which makes it more than $19 million.

What Is Casey Neistat Height?

Casey Neistat, who is known to be one of the most prominent Social Media personalities is known to have a 75-cm height which is more than or equal to 5 Ft 11 In. Casey Neistat’s Net Worth is measured in millions and is amidst the most influential people. He also has a successful life as an entrepreneur and a YouTube sensation.

What Is Casey Neistat Age?

Casey Neistat’s age is 39 years currently in 2021. He is known to have born in the year 1981 on the 25th of the month of March. He is known to be one of the highest-earning YouTube celebrities who have a large scale fan following and Casey Neistat Net Worth.

Which Are Casey Neistat’s Businesses?

Casey Neistat has been involved in a number of activities that added more to Casey’s Net Worth and fame that he has today. He was the co-founder of a multi-media company that he had to shut down and his deal with CNN that also got hit by a roadblock recently. According to sources, he is coming up with another business that is revealed in one of his videos, yet it is still a mystery.

What Is Casey Neistat Net Worth Now?

Casey Neistat Net Worth now in the year 2021 is estimated to be around $16 million. Casey Neistat’s top source of earning is through his YouTube channel that has a huge fan base with videos having millions of views on them. Casey is known to have been associated with a business that is about to get launched in a short time.

What Are Total Casey Neistat Net Worth Details And His Assets in 2021?

Casey Neistat Net Worth as of the year 2021 is around $16 million. The top source of his income comes from YouTube videos and his yearly salary that is around $3 million. Another major part of his income comes from YouTube filmmaking and advertising. He is known to have 5 luxury cars that are worth around $1 million and a house that is worth around $7 million.