Dana White Net Worth in 2018, Lifestyle, Career and Biography Details

Dana White Net Worth



Full name:Dana Frederick White Jr.
Total Net Worth:450 million dollars +
Profession:Businessman, CEO
Age, Height, and Weight:42, 5 ft 10 inches, 89 Kg
Source of Income:President of UFC
Education:graduate from Hermon High School
Marital Status & Children:Married to Anna white have 3 kids
Birth Place:Manchester, Connecticut


Combat sports are one of the oldest sports where it’s a man to man and hand to hand contact and clashes are found. The only difference between the ancient ways of combat and the modern principles where men of strength and skill are that now it’s just a matter of points and showing off their skills and win. The arena gets set, and one of the finest warriors from all over the world assemble and practice hard and sometimes get injured in the process. But it pays off when they get the honors, belts, medals and other recognition by people in the industry. Moreover, they get a lot of monetary benefits as well as a prize for their skill in the field of Martial Arts and Mix Martial Arts. Mixed Martial Arts is a tough sport. It requires you to master more than six disciplines that include Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Grappling, Jujitsu, Wrestling, Karate, Judo, Taekwondo and many other fighting techniques. All of this requires years of effort and stamina to master Mixed Martial Arts and be a tough sport. Dana White is one of such individuals who is currently the President and one of the famous personalities in the industry. He is known for his Dana White Net Worth that is estimated to be more than $100 million and more.

Dana White Early Life and Dana White Childhood Life and Dana White Parents:

dana white net worth in younger age

Dana White, who is also known as Dana Frederick White Jr, is one America’s leading and richest business icon. His chief business and occupation are being the President of UFC which commonly known as the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Dana White was born in the year 1969 in the month of 28 of May. Under his leadership, the sport of Mixed Martial Arts and the organization that is operating in the world is now a multibillion-dollar business and is growing as one of the biggest game in the world. The city of Connecticut is the place where Dana White was born, and here he has a lovely family. Dana White’s mother name is June, and his father’s name is Dana White Sr. Dana White parents raised him with Dana White siblings for the most of Dana White childhood. He is known to have belonged to be from an Irish Ancestry.

Dana White toured a lot when he was young. He traveled all over America and moved to Boston, Las Vegas, and Maine. When he graduated from Herman High School in Maine in the year 1987. Somewhere around during the same time when Dana White age when he started his career as a Boxer and settled in the city of Boston. In the meantime, he has been making his life and earn by taking up the job of the bouncer and the bellman. He graduated from one of the prestigious Educational Institutions called the University Of Massachusetts for more than a year, but eventually dropped out of that institutions and tried his luck in the fighting business. Moving further, he launched a program regarding the inner-city children’s boxing program. This led to the start of a boxaerobics business that made good money and generated an excellent reputation in the 90s. After this, he had to move to Las Vegas as the Irish Mob wanted to have their share in the business. He finally had interest in the art of Jujitsu and started off with having street fights as well. He was adamant and was admired by professionals that included former boxer and one of the best Dana White’s friends. He met one of the wealthiest individuals and a multimillionaire of Vegas Lorenzo Fertitta. He is one of Dana White friends at school and owner of a casino and one of the members of Nevada’s state boxing commission. During this time he worked for the mob member, for a hotel as a valet and much more and managed to get his place as a career and made Dana White first business personality of the sports industry to get Dana White Net Worth that he has today.

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Dana White Career and Dana white as the president of “Ultimate Fighting Championship”:

dana white net worth as the president of UFC

Dana White Career flourished over the time, and while he was in Las Vegas, he was able to make the Dana White best Investment of all time. Since this was Dana White Best Investment of all time, it made a lot of Dana White Uptrend in his career and became one of the top earning sources for Dana White and helped him increase the Net worth of Dana White. It all started long ago when Dana White was on the verge of quitting his career and was quite skeptical about what his destiny would be. It then struck at him that he would start off getting in the fight business. Since then onwards, he started working very hard on all aspects of the game of boxing and trained himself and learned ways to manage other fighters, working as a referee and is known to work and run gyms. MMA at the time was in its elementary stages. He started managing fighters who were highly skilled in arts like Muay Thai, Wrestling and many other aspects of the game involved. At that time Dana White was managing a handful of MMA athletes who were fighting from UFC or the Ultimate Fighting Championship. UFC at that time was a promotional company that was promoting and stabilizing the MMA sports. Dana White was waiting for the right moment to make his move. He found out that the game is beginning to decline and would decline further in the coming time and would get out of business. He started to make his plan of action and thinking about things that he could do to improve the dying sport’s popularity. He got in touch with the Fertittas and made them aware about the current situation of the UFC fighting business and presented the idea of buying out the UFC business. The brothers saw the silver lining in the business opportunity and formed Zuffa LLA and acquired UFC in the year 2002. This was the beginning of Dana white as the president of “Ultimate Fighting Championship.” They used Las Vegas as the headquarters for UFC which is a multinational empire and one of the best fighting hub for International Fighters from across the world. UFC is the only unmatched champion in the sports of MMA that fights in more than 170 countries and has more than a hundred UFC training facilities and institutions and billions of households today love to enjoy the sport on TV. UFC has been Dana white business success and one of the best contributions in the world of combat sports to date. He is the brains that took baby steps and small beginnings and made UFC something huge than NFL in America and in the world. Dana White received a series of awards for his contribution to the sport. Dana white grants for his relentless work to promote MMA are as follows:

Dana White was awarded 2009’s Nevada Sportsman of The Year Award. He also has the prestigious Wrestling Observer Newsletter Awards.  He also holds the Award of Promoter of the Year for the year 2005 – 2013. Again in the year 2015 he received the Promoter of the Year 2015 – 2016.

Dana White achieved The World MMA Awards as The Leading Man of the Year for five years straight, which is from the year 2010 – 2015. He also received awards from the Armed Forces Foundation. The Patriot Award.

Dana White Movies Career:

dana white movies productions

Besides Dana white best and most successful business career and name as a Dana white UFC Hall of Fame, Dana White has appeared in a few movies. He appeared in films and Dana White interviews where he shared the latest information about his career, Dana White first business success and Dana White Success story as well which are quite inspirational and there is a lot to learn from Dana white best and most successful business practices and the way he looks at UFC. He appeared in an episode of The League that came out in the year 2013 as “The Goon”. He also appeared in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and played the role of Dana White in an episode that goes by “Wolf Cola: A Public Relations Nightmare in the year 2017. In the same year, that is in the year 2017 Dana White movie was Conor McGregor: Notorious. He also appeared on the McGregor Vs. Mayweather Standoff Ceremony and Dana white on tv for UFC interview made it clear to the audience that the boxing match between the 2 ultimate fighters of the world would be a hit.

Dana White Net Worth, Houses, Cars, and details of Wealth:

Dana White net worth Cars

Dana White started working as a Valet, and his fortune turned his life upside down. His decision to start over the UFC fight business as Dana White first business was not a turning point for his life and career but also was a turning point in the history of Combat Sports. No matter the regime at UFC changed, Dana White remains and holds his office as the President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC. Dana White helped UFC to flourish and make more than $350 million before any tax deductions from the UFC sale that is estimated to be more than $4 million. In total Dana White, Net Worth comes to more than $495 million as for the year 2017. This Dana Net Worth was more than $290 million back in the year 2014. This shot straight up and became almost double the amount as the time passed by. The deal from the Fertitta brothers to a Hollywood based agency named as WME-IMG and this deal got him some fantastic incentive when it comes to incentives regarding money. Dana white Net worth also includes his $20 million salary.

Dana white house

He has been taking this amount for quite a few years now. He also receives a 9 percent share from the WME-IMG buyout of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. In addition to this, he gets a net profit from all the future fights that are part of the UFC events. Experts suggest that Dana White Net Worth 2017 is by far the highest net worth that is part of the Dana White Net Worth. Dana White Cars Collection is quite massive. He claims to include Dana White Cars brands to be Mercedes Benz, Range Rover, Porsche and Aston Martin. He is also known to have spent enormously on his house. Dana White property that is worth around 2 million which is located at the Tournament Hills enclave in the city of Las Vegas. He is also known to purchase other features which are according to sources are estimated to be 3 in number. The details of his houses are known as one house which covers an area more than 7,500 square foot that he has bought for another $2 million, another property which is a more than 5,000 square foot estate and is known to worth around $2.5 million and a property with an area of more than 4,500 square foot that is worth $2 million. He is known to have been doing for the promotion of Athletics and Athletes and do combat sports a number one sport of all time.

Dana White Personal Life with Dana White Wife and Dana White Children:

Dana White is an atheist as far his religious following is concerned. He got married to Anne White and had three kids with whom he spends the most of his leisure time.

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Dana White Life Tragedies and Dana White Success Tips:

Dana White Life Tragedies was when he was 21 years old; he was jumped by some people while he was having his time at a local bar in the city of Boston. He was punched and kicked brutally for more than 15 minutes. He was backed up by the police. The beating got him a continuous and loud ringing sound in his ears. This lasted for more than a month. Doctors then told him that his ear is permanently damaged and later on he was diagnosed with a disease that is known as the Meniere’s disease. This left him with many health issues. The worst part was that his first operation made things worse for him. He consulted with a therapist in Germany. This time it worked for him, and it took him to get it done for a hefty amount of $10,000.

dana white speaking about his net worth success

Dana White’s life and career have always been a fight for him. No matter how big of a Dana White Net Worth he has, for him the fight never got over. He has always been looking for improvement. This is something which is Dana white best success tips all time and Dana White quote. He suggests that anything can be repaired, any error can be rectified and any problem can be solved. This is one of the principles of Dana White life and his secret ingredient from the Dana White Net Worth.

FAQs :

What Was Dana White Net Worth 2016?

Dana White Net Worth 2016 was estimated to be more than $228,600,000. He has an approximate salary of more than or equal to $16,000,000 and other sources of income that make up his net worth for the said year.

What Was Dana White Net Worth 2017?

According to sources, Dana White is the president of the Ultimate Fighting Competition has a salary of around $20 million and as of in May in the year 2017, Dana White Net Worth 2017 was estimated to be more than $495 million.

What Were Dana White Achievements In 2017?

Dana White achievements in the year 2017 were the Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor fight. The fight was one of the highest paid Pay per View event in the history of combat sports. In this era, UFC witnessed an immense boom in terms of money matters and regarding popularity as well.

Who Is Dana White Wife?

Dana white with his wife

Dana White is a married man. Dana White wife name is Anna White whom he married in the year 1996. A little couple has 2 sons and a daughter. Dana White Children names are known to be Aidan White, Dana White and Savannah White.

Who Is Dana White Father? Mother?

Dana White is known to have been born in Manchester, Connecticut. He was born in the year 1969 on July 28th. He is known to be born to the family of June and Dana White Sr. He was brought up to be raised by his sister whose name is Kelly. He is known to be of an Irish Descent.

What Is Dana White Weight?

Dana White weight is known to 196 lbs that is equivalent to Dana White weight regarding kgs as 88 kg. This is a suitable weight for someone who has a combat sports athlete experience and has 5 ft 10-inch height as well.

Where Dana White Was Born?

Dana White was born in the year 1969 to Dana White Sr and June White. Dana white birthday is celebrated on July the 28th. He was born in Manchester, Connecticut. Hewas raised with his sister for the maximum time Dana White childhood days.

Where Dana White Lives Now?

Dana White was reported to have bought three different houses in the city of Las Vegas one of which was torn down by the authorities. He is known to seek some privacy and hence he is reported to be buying some different real-estate properties in the area.

What Is The Education Of Dana White? His School, College, University:

Dana White education is known to be an accomplished High School graduate from the Hermon High School, Maine in the year 1987. After this, he is known to have got education from the University of Massachusetts Boston.

What would be Dana white net worth 2019?

Dana White Net Worth 2019 is said to be on the increasing trend. The reason given by the president and one of the most successful businessmen over the time is that UFC is known to be a sport that is thriving over the time and it will continue to be the center of attraction for times to come. Therefore Dana White Net Worth 2019 is estimated to be more than a billion dollars.

What is Dana White height?

Dana White has a fit athletic physique and has been part of MMA and UFC since he was a teenager. He has been practicing for 15 to 17 years of age. He is known to have a height of 5 ft 10 inches which is quite good.

What is Dana White age?

Dana White is around 42 years old. He was born in the year 1969 on the 28th day of the month of July. Dana White is quite athletic and seems to have a good sense of the fitness of himself. This is the reason that he seems to be quite fit and healthy even at this such age.

Which are Dana White’s businesses?

Dana White has been one of the most successful business personalities in the world. He is known to be the president of the UFC fights happening all over the world. These fights and team ownerships make him one of the highest Dana White Net Worth and wealth in the world.

What is Dana White net worth now?

Dana White Net Worth currently is more than 450 million dollars. Dana White Net Worth is the result of his relentless efforts in the field of MMA. This made him from a mere a boxer to one of the wealthiest guys in the world and the President of UFC.

What are complete Dana white net worth details and his assets?

The Dana White Net Worth in the year 2018 is nearly $500 million. He made so much money by buying out UFC in the year 2001. In 2016, Dana White and Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta sold off the UFC to a talent agency for a sum of $4 billion.