DMX Net Worth in 2018 Income , Life Style and Biography Details Updated

DMX Net Worth in 2018 with income, wealth and biography updated details



Full name:
Earl Simmons
Total Net Worth:10 million dollars
Profession:Rapping and Acting
Age, Height, and Weight:47, 6.0 ft. , 172lbs
Source of Income:Rapper and Actor
Education:Dropout George Westinghouse Career and Technical Education High School
Marital Status & Children:
m. 1999–2014
Birth Place:Mount Vernon in New York


The Amazing Career OF DMX: The Rapper and DMX Net Worth in 2018

DMX Net worth info with complete Early life details and Biography updated

The world of American Music has given birth to many famous names and legends that have coined their names in the industry i.e DMX Net worth In 2018. People have taken the absolute risks and put down significant effort and part of their lives to earn the success they have today. Not only this, they went through the total adverse times to be successful in their lives and get success in the industry. For this, they have many admirers and people who look upon them as idols and legends. Not only they have a sky-high net worth and wealth but also a vast fan base that follows them on social media platforms and are in millions and billions. But also, there are also individuals who have seen success in their lives for a short time, but now they are there in a very adverse situation. This might be due to a troubled childhood or mainly due to messing up with the law. One such individual is DMX Net Worth who has been one of the most successful and Richest American rappers and artists of the American Music and Movie industry in the late 2000s and has earned a lot of fame and net worth. But until the year 2013, DMX announced his bankruptcy and since then he has been living a very low-profile life. Here are some insights from the rapper’s life and events from DMX’s life that can be something great for the fans who want to know more about DMX and DMX’s Net Worth and much more:

Introduction to Complete DMX Biography and Net Worth

DMX net worth in 2018 cars and personal life with bigraphy

DMX, who is one of the famous record producers, rappers, and actors of the American music and movie industry was born in the year 1970 on the 18th of December. He became famous for his fantastic DMX career that started off somewhere around in the year 1990 and released some amazing songs and albums that have earned him immense fame and the DMX net worth. He published some fantastic records that included debut albums like its Dark and Hell is Hot in the year 1998 and became a hit. He also released albums like And There Was X in the year 1999 that earned him an excellent reputation and net worth. Also, he featured in some all-time hits that included Undisputed, Romeo Must Die, Belly, Exit Wounds, and Cradle 2 the Grave, Last Hour and many other movies in which DMX as actor performed well. Also, he starred in some fantastic TV show like DMX: Soul of a Man that got aired on the BET cable network. Apart from that, the year 2003 was the year where DMX came out as an author of his biography. He wrote a book in the year 2003 that was titled as E.A.R.L: The Autobiography of DMX. His life took a sharp turn when DMX Net Worth 2018 declined to -$10 million. He is also known to have been living without a home or the celebrity grade lifestyle with frequent arrests.

Apart from this, DMX has one of the fantastic personalities. He has an athletic body that makes him appear as a smart lad even at the age of 47 years old. Apart from that, he is 6.0 in height and 172 to 178 lbs. in weight which makes a pretty sound blend for a person of his stature. ( Also see: Dude perfect net worth )

Early Life of DMX And Some Facts About Him

Early Life of DMX And Some Facts About Him with DMX Net worth info

DMX’s early life when he was born in the Jungle of Concrete and Steel (New York) in Mount Vernon as Earl Simmons in the year 1970. This was the place where DMX was born as the only child of Joe Barker and Arnett Simmons. He never liked his original name. DMX’s childhood was quite troubled. DMX Net Worth is not given by his parents. His mother was seeing a lot of men until she came to know she was pregnant at a very young age of 19 years old. Things became complicated with the family as she already had Bonita as her daughter and moved to a home of unwed mothers located in Mount Vernon. She asked her sister to take care of Bonita, and she stayed with her long enough Arnett found a way to get out of this adverse situation in life. DMX’s grandmother died when DMX was only a year older, and the family had to move to Yonkers where people with a low income lived. They lived in a one-bedroom apartment in the Roker. Arnett used to work very hard to bring up her kids and pay off the bills and rent and for Earl’s wellness as he used to stay sick very often and had bronchial asthma inherited from his father which became worst over the time. DMX had to go through acute health conditions all the time. Growing up, he started off rapping when he was almost in his 20s and had he amazing DMX Net Worth until he filed bankruptcy in the year 2013.

DMX Net Worth, Income Sources and Life Style

DMX Net Worth, Income Sources and Life Style

DMX Net Worth is valued at around -$10 million. DMX has been one of the most famous rappers in the American history music and was known for one of the most successful DMX careers and DMX Net Worth until he filed for the Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the year 2013. DMX has produced some of the famous tracks and albums that became a hit and best seller in the early 2000s until the 2010s. The rapper also became famous for having a successful DMX career in movies like Undisputed in the year 2012, Last Hour, Cradle 2 the Grave and many other DMX movies where he has worked alongside with superstars like Jet Li Scott Adkins, Steven Seagal, and many others. Back then, he was one of the most approached celebrities in American Entertainment.

His career suffered a dip where all the riches and another glimmer of his life declined because of his tax fraud lawsuit and lawsuits by his wife and frequent arrests. He got arrested for offenses like resisting arrest, reckless driving, animal cruelty, driving without a license, possession of drugs, identity falsification, taxation fraud and many other crimes throughout 1998 to the year 2018. Also, many things are known about DMX personal life and DMX kids that are 15 in number. He has been having a pretty messed up own life as well that is a blend of legal and personal and professional troubles that he has been facing for more than 10 to 12 years now. Currently, he is dating Desiree Lindstrom who is the mother of his 15th child. Apart from that, he had a lot of extra-marital affairs as well.

DMX Road to Success, His Career, and Achievements

DMX net worth 2018, Road to Success, His Career, and Achievements

When DMX started his career, he started off his career by releasing his first single titled “Born Loser.” Also, he released his second single in the year 1994 by the name Make a Move. Four years later in the year 1998, he released his first album titled It’s Dark, and Hell is Hot that sold more than 5 million copies. Likewise, his second album was also a major hit and was certified four times as Platinum. He was one of the first rappers to have two hit albums that debuted on the Billboard 200. In the year 1999, DMX released his third album by the name “And There Was X” that became a best seller and six time’s Platinum-certified album.

Apart from that, in the year 2016 and 2017, he released two songs titled “Blood Red” and “Bain is back.” All in all, he has released seven albums and is working on the Eighth album that is going to be out for the fans. His significant achievements included his winning at the American Music Awards for the category of Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Artist for the year 2000 and the year 2001 and bagged in a vast DMX Net Worth until he filed for his bankruptcy.

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What was DMX net worth 2016?

According to sources, the DMX Net Worth 2016 is estimated to have gone around $1,352,941. This is something less than what he is worth today. A significant part of his earning comes from DMX’s career and the top-earning source of DMX as a rapper. He filed for bankruptcy in 2013.

What was DMX net worth 2017?

DMX Net Worth 2017 is estimated to get around $12,000,000. He was not able to cope up with maintaining a considerable DMX net worth or a celebrity-grade net worth and became bankrupt. He filed for bankruptcy in the year 2013.

What is DMX net worth now?

In the year 2013, DMX Net Worth became insufficient the rapper filed his bankruptcy. As of now, after going through many sources, the DMX net worth 2018 is estimated to get around -10 million. The negative DMX net worth is due to his recklessness with money matters after the year 2010 and his bankruptcy in 2013.

What were DMX achievements in 2017?

DMX achievements in the year 2017 have not been shared, or they do not exist. The DMX career as a rapper and DMX has been due to DMX and film +, Music industry career and many hit DMX movies and T.V shows in which he played some unusual roles and bagged a considerable amount as part of DMX’s Net Worth.

Who is DMX wife/or/girlfriend?

DMX With His Wife and Family

DMX has married DMX’s wife to Tashera Simmons in the year 1999. The marriage ended shortly in the year 2014. He has kids who have names Xavier Simmons, Shawn Simmons, Praise Mary Ella Simmons and Tacoma Simmons. His wife sued him for not paying for child support in the court of law.

Who is DMX father? Mother? Siblings?

DMX was born to DMX parents Joe Barker who is his father and Arnett Simmons who is his mother. DMX siblings include his stepsisters Shayla Simmons and Bonita Simmons, and according to many sources, he has two stepbrothers as well. DMX childhood was spent in New York where DMX was born in Mount Vernon. DMX’s childhood quite troubled and many other stars of the American music industry DMX was fang and claw with the law and crucial family issues at times. The DMX Net Worth 2018 is estimated to get around -10 million due to reckless wealth management.

What is DMX weight?

Apart from having a career in the American rapping industry and his declined DMX Net Worth that is valued at -$10 million, DMX is known for his personality as well. DMX has some fantastic body features where he has a height of 6’ feet, and his weight increased, and now he is 172 lbs.

Where was DMX born?

The place where DMX was born is known as Mount Vernon in the city of New York and was the first an only child of his mother and father whose names are John Barker and Arnett Simmons. He further had 2 step sisters and also stepbrothers.

What is the education of DMX? His school, college, university

DMX got his education from the Yonkers High School. Specific sources that DMX went to the George Westinghouse Career and Technical Education High School, and like other rappers of the American music and hip-hop industry, DMX also had to leave studies due to his pursuit in the music career and made the Net worth of DMX for a limited time and frequent arrests that happened throughout his life.

What would be DMX net worth 2019?

The DMX Net Worth currently is negative 10 million and there is a high chance that DMX’s Net Worth for the year 2019 might do little good to the DMX’s Net Worth and the DMX career. The main reason for his 2013 bankruptcy was regarded connected to mishandling and mismanagement of his earnings that made up DMX’s Net Worth.

What is DMX height? And weight?

DMX Net Worth is one part of his fame. The other aspect of his popularity is due to the amazing personality that he has. Although, he has increased his weight at up to 172 lbs. And he has a 6.0 ft. Height.

What is DMX age?

DMX’s age as of today is 47 years old. DMX was born in the year 1970 on December 18. His personality looks a little heavy on his age since he has gained a low weight.

Which are DMX’s businesses?

There is no or less information on the DMX business or any other source of income that makes up the DMX net worth that he has. The net worth of DMX is -$10 million which is a result of mishandling and many lawsuits that he had to go up against. These included his trial for Taxation fraud and his bankruptcy that he announced in the year 2013.

What are complete DMX net worth details and his assets?

The total DMX net worth is estimated to get somewhere at – $10 million. He is known for a shattered career that he experienced during the late 2000s along with a DMX Net Worth that was valued at -$10 million. DMX is known to have been living a life of homelessness and numerous arrest on charges of tax fraud and many other offenses.