Snoop Dogg Net Worth 2018, His Cars, Houses, Assets & Biography



Full name:Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr.
Total Net Worth:$135 Million plus
Profession:Musician & singer
Age, Height, and Weight:46 years, 1.93 m, 87 kg
Source of Income:Music & Businesses
Education:Graduated from Long Beach Polytechnic High School
Marital Status & Children:Married to Shante Taylor, four children
Birth Place:Long Beach, California


The world of American Hip-Hop music comprises of one of the most amazing stars who have millions of dollars as their bank balance so here we’ll discuss Snoop Dogg net worth. These individuals are known to have a fantastic lifestyle, professional life and comfortable living standards that make people follow them and get all crazy when they appear on the stage. They like to follow their example and make sure that they struggle in life like they did when their stars were when they were in their initial phase of the career and early life. They love to follow their style and the way they use their attire and overall appearance and all study the way they interact with people around them. Fans, followers, and many other individuals keep a keen eye on their life, career and the overall things “like Snoop Dogg Net worth” and so what they have gone through throughout their entire career and life. This makes them more motivated and the stars more famous. This is exactly the case with the rap and hip-hop star Snoop Dogg. Like other stars, the Snoop Dogg Net Worth and the riches he has is the result of a lot of struggle and effort that took him to the place he is today. Look at more facts from the Snoop Dogg life that he has today.

Snoop Dogg Early Life, and His Parents:

Snoop Dogg with his mother

Snoop Dogg who is an American rapper who has one of the most inspired singers, the producer of record masterpieces, television celebrity and TV actor. His family name is Calvin Corzdozar Broadus Jr. He was born in the year 1971 on October the 20th in Long Beach area of California. He is second of the three Snoop Dogg siblings in the family. He was named after his stepfather. Snoop Dogg’s mother’s name is Beverly Broadus. His father was a Vietnam Veteran named Vernell Varnado. He was also a sing and mail carrier who was not able to spend time with him on a frequent basis. Snoop Dogg’s parent’s named him “Snoopy” because of the way he used to appear. His mother and stepfather got divorced when Snoop Dogg age was just four years old. Snoop Dog used to sing and play the piano and performed at Golgotha Trinity Church. His rapping skills developed when he was in the sixth grade at school. Snoop Dogg is said to be 71 percent African, 23 percent Native American and 6 percent to be of European ancestry. Being a teenager who was brought in an African American neighborhood he good in pretty much trouble with the law enforcement agencies. He became a gang member with the 20 Crips gang that used to be in the Eastside area of the Long Beach territory. These claims were denied by the celebrity in one of Snoop Dogg Interviews. After Snoop Dogg childhood and graduating from the high school, he got arrested with cocaine in his possession and went to the prison quite frequently for the next three years. For his music career, Snoop Dogg started recorded some homemade tapes with his cousins under the band name 213 which was named after the Long Beach area’s area code that was associated with the location at the time.

Early Days of Snoop Dogg Music And Rapping Career

Snoop dogg net worth and early life

The early days and years of Snoop Dogg mark the day when Dr. Dre discovered Snoop Dogg after listening to his first solo freestyle titled as “Hold On” which was a mixtape and made it to the auditions. He was further mentored by D.O.C on getting the lyrics structured and separate thematics and make verses out of them. This happened in the year 1992, and this was when Snoop Dogg career as a rapper and music artist started. In the same year, he featured on Dr. Dre’s solo “Deep Cover” and then on The Chronic. Since then 23 million albums have been sold all over America, and more than 30 million records were sold throughout the world. In the year 1993, his debut album which was produced by Dr. Dre got released in the year 1993 and became number 1 on Billboard 200 and on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts with more than a million copies that were sold out only in the first week of the release. The album was named as Doggystyle. After this, he has been giving out singles which are Snoop Dogg songs of all time. This was also the beginning of the Snoop Dogg movies career in the year 1994. Snoop Dogg best song of all time and career didn’t end here. In the year 1996, he released the second album The DogFather which also topped the charts and received the double platinum in the following year. After this he left Death Row Records and joined in No Limits Records where he recorded albums including Da Game is to Be Sold, Not To Be Told in the year 1998. From the year 1999 till the year 2011 he released more than 23 albums that had one of the Best rap song of Snoop Dogg and Snoop Dogg best and most hit music video.

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Snoop Dogg And His Film Industry Career

Snoop Dogg started way back in the year 1994. He starred in more than 30 Snoop Dogg movies and made appearances in more than 25 television series as well. He co-starred with Wiz Khalifa in Mac and Devin Go to High School (2012). He also made appearances in the movies as a supporting character and various other brands and seasons including the Simpsons, Half Baked, Starsky, and Hutch. In 2008, he made an appearance for WrestleMania XXIV and reality Shows like Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood and many other episodes of King of The Hill and did an episode of Robot Chicken. He started off with having his own production company in the year 2005. He started off with Snoopadellic Films with their first production named Boss’n Up. He also starred in different seasons and shows until the year 2017. According to news and other sources, Snoop Dogg walk of fame is scheduled to be held in the year 2018 along with stars including Carrie Underwood, J-Lo, Mary J. Blige and other celebrities from the world of entertainment. Snoop Dogg on television was as successful as he is on social media and has top views music video of Snoop Dogg.

Other Ventures

Apart from being one of the best rappers and having some of the most grossing Snoop Dogg music videos and Snoop Dogg live concerts and Snoop Dogg tours, Snoop Dogg also has interest as an investor or venture capitalist and an entrepreneur. In the year 2009, he was given the position of chairman Priority Records. In the year 2015 in April, Snoop Dogg become one of the investors having an investment company called Eaze which was based in California and was a startup that delivered weed and assured to deliver medical marijuana to people at their home within 5 to 10 mins. Moving further in October 2015, he launched a digital media company by the name Merry Jane. This initiative focused on the news about Marijuana. Also, in November in the year 2015, he revealed the new brand that he is going to launch that consists ted of cannabis-based product as Leafs by Snoop. This was one of the first cannabis brand in the world. This made Snoop Dogg one of the first celebrities to have a line of marijuana that are marketed and branded on a legal basis. Snoop Dogg and his branding manager also released an app that was named as Snoopify that enables users to plaster stickers that comprised of Snoop’s face and other additions to photos. The app was built in May and generates more than $30,000 sales on a weekly basis. He is also known to acquire a food restaurant chain of Roscoe’s House Of Chicken and Waffles.

Snoop Dogg Awards And Nominations

  • Snoop Dogg won the American Awards in the Year 1995 for the category Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Artist
  • He won the 2011 APRA Music Awards in the International Work of the Year for the “Californi.a Gurls.”
  • He won the AVN Awards for Best Selling Title Of The Year (2002) for Doggystyle and Snoop Dogg’s Hustlaz: Diary of a Pimp (2004)
  • In the year 2001 he had a nomination for the BET Awards for The Next Episode in the Video Of The Year category and in the year 2003 had a nomination for the Best Male Hip-Hop Artist
  • He Won the Best Collaboration For “Beautiful” in the year 2003

Apart from the above he was recently awarded as an announced inductee in the WWE Hall of Fame back in the year 2016. This made him one of the members at the “celebrity wing” of the Hall on April the 2nd 2016.

Snoop Dogg Personal Life, Sensational Controversies and some Legal Issues

Snoop Dogg likes to spend most part of his life with Snoop Dogg Wife and Snoop Dogg kids. He has a lovely family. Snoop Dogg married his fantastic sweetheart Shante Broadus and are known as the longest running couple in the Hollywood family. They had good times and bad times like others, and there was a time when they filed for a divorce in the year 2004. But now they are together to have a long life together. They have a family and kids whose names are Cordé and Cordell and a Daughter named Cori.

Apart from a happy family life had a darker side where he was frequently messed up with the law and had to go to jail. He was convicted of felony charges in the year 1990. Three years later in the year 1993, he was arrested again for having connections with the death of Philip Woldermariam who was a gang member and was killed by Snoop Dog’s bodyguard. Both Snoop and his bodyguard were acquitted. In the same year he was stopped by an office er for the traffic violation, and the officer found a weapon in the car. In the year 1997, again he had to pay a fine of $1,000 for possessing a handgun and had to go through three-year probation.

In the year 2006, he was detained at the John Wayne Airport by security officers deployed at the airport for carrying a baton in his luggage. His lawyer told the court that the stick was a mere prop. Snoop was sentenced for three years and more than a 100 community service for this.

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All in all, Snoop Dogg was always messing up with the law one or the other way.

Snoop Dogg Houses, Cars, Wealth and Snoop Dogg Net Worth Details:

Snoop Dogg Net Worth is estimated to be more than or equal to a $150 million. This includes his earnings and sales of his albums that are popular worldwide and throughout the nation. Apart from that his earning as a YouTube celebrity that includes Snoop Dogg Vlog and his YouTube earning and fan following is immense. He has a house that is more than $2 million. The house was initially more than 3,500 square feet, and Snoop Dogg expanded the area a little to 6,500 square feet. According to MTV Cribs, the home has a lot more than some breathtaking and jaw-dropping ceilings. It has a well-maintained marble floor. It also has amenities that include a baseball court, swimming pool, a movie theater and a home-based recording studio as well. The current house he has is called the Church and is located in a quiet neighborhood in California. He is known to have a car collection that includes cars like Parisienne, Phantom, Coupe DeVille, Challenger SRT8 and others. A large part of his wealth comes from Snoop Doog Tours and Snoop Dogg Live Performance as well. He also owns a revolutionary Cannabis business that helps him earn more than half the wealth he has. Snoop Dogg loves to share his success tips that include principles that let to the current successful life of Snoop Dogg.

In his Snoop Dogg quotes he says that to get success you have to stay positive and push forward. Also, this requires to have a diversified portfolio for your skillset and for your business. On lea, the leadership he says that it is always a good leader who leads by example and keeps the team united and manages them accordingly. He considers practicing what you are good at as the secret ingredient to stay is the best of the trade. And last, of all, one should always feel passionate and have fun when you are doing something. This maintains the interest level and keeps the passion alive in whatever one do for a living or as a hobby.

Snoop Dogg might sound like or seem to be someone who is always high on drugs and someone who is not good at something. But he is someone who has been quite successful at what he does. This includes his success both in the field of business and his professional hip-hop music. There is always something to learn from the life of Snoop Dogg during his Snoop Dogg uptrend and Snoop Dogg downtrend.


What was Snoop Dogg net worth 2016?

The Snoop Dogg Net Worth 2016 was estimated to be $120.5 million. This made him one of the wealthiest rappers in the world in the year 2016. Snoop Dogg is one of the famous rappers who is known for many prominent hits and record breaking album successes and the Snoop Dogg Net Worth he has.

What was Snoop Dogg net worth 2017?

According to sources, Snoop Dogg Net Worth 2017 was estimated to be around or lesser than $130 million. The year 2017 was quite a busy year for the amazing rapper. He made appearances in the Simpsons and many other seasons including episodes from “The Empire.”

What were Snoop Dogg achievements in 2017?

Snoop Dogg’s most significant achievement for the year 2017 was the release of his latest studio album. The album was titled as “Neva Left.” The album was released in May in the year 2017. Another gospel album that he was too excited to release for the fans was titled as “Snoop Dogg Presents The Bible of Love.”

Who is Snoop Dogg Wife?

Snoop Dogg wife name is Shante Taylor. They have three kids whose names are Cordé and Cordell and a daughter whose name is Cori. The couple got divorce citing for irreconcilable differences but get their wedding vows renewed in January in the year 2008.

Who is Snoop Dogg Father?

Snoop Dogg Father’s name was Vernell Varnado. He was a Vietnam War Veteran, a singer, and a mall carrier. Snoop Dogg’s parents gave him the nickname of “Snoopy” because of the way he looked and his overall appearance, but at home was called Calvin.

What is Snoop Dogg’s Weight?

Snoop Dogg’s weight is somewhere around 75 kgs that are equivalent to approximately 165 pounds. He might appear to be underweight and weak but he sure has a slim body build. He is known to have some fantastic pictures and photoshoots.

Where Was Snoop Dogg Born?

The rapper Snoop Dogg having the Snoop Dogg Net Worth and some of the greatest hit music albums of all times was born in America’s Long Beach, California. He is one of the most followed celebrities in the industry.

Where Snoop Dogg live now?

Snoop Dogg has millions of dollar net worth. He is known to have an enormous mansion in Blaisdell Ranch, Claremont. The hall is part of his Snoop Dogg Net Worth and values at more than $1.9 million and has an area of more than 6000 sq ft. He lives in a house that he calls the Church located in a quiet California neighborhood.

What Is The Education Of Snoop Dogg? His School, College, University?

Snoop Dogg graduated from Long Beach Polytechnic High School. After his gradution in the year 1989, he got arrested for having possession drugs and was frequently had to go to jail for the following three years.

Apart from that, he had been messing with the law on a frequent basis

What would be Snoop Dogg Net Worth 2019?

Snoop Dogg Net Worth in the year 2019 is being estimated at a Snoop Dogg Net Worth that is around more than $150 million. This can be said because of the ongoing trends that make rappers and people who specialize in music superstars.

What is Snoop Dogg height?

Snoop Dogg height is somewhere around 1.93 m that is equivalent to 6’4.25. Snoop Dogg is tall and has a slim body. One gets deceived because of his looks and appearance. Snoop Dogg is known to have a fantastic personality and some fantastic photoshoots.

What is Snoop Dogg age?

Snoop Dogg was born in the year 1971 on October the 20th. He is 46 years old as of the year 2017. Snoop Dogg has been a trendsetter in the world of hip-hop music industry and is known to accumulate a million dollar Snoop Dogg Net Worth.

Which is Snoop Dogg best vlog on YouTube?

Snoop Dogg Youtube has more than 2,117,520 subscribers on his Youtube Channel. According to me, Snoop Dogg – Ain’t No Fun (Live at the Avalon) ft. Kurupt is one of the best Snoop Dogg Vlog on Youtube and the songs he uploads there, are amazing.

What is Snoop Dogg net worth now?

According to sources, Snoop Dogg Net Worth as on June 23rd, 2017, was estimated to be more or equal to $135 million. The year 2017 was quite a busy year for the fantastic rapper. He made appearances in the Simpsons and many other seasons including episodes from “The Empire.”

What are Snoop Dogg Net Worth details and his assets?

Snoop Dogg Net Worth is something that makes him one of the wealthiest rappers in the industry. He has a Snoop Dogg Net Worth that is worth more than $135 million. The year 2017 meant a lot of work for the rapper. Snoop Dogg Net Worth comprises of income from different sources that included his cannabis business, voice overacts and rap music collaborations and releases.